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Prototyping futures with next generation leaders.

We are a research and prototyping studio run by 50 young talents, on a mission to fast forward the impact of emerging tech on business and planet. We prototype hardware, software and AI, growing tech leadership of students and clients along the way.

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What drives Bit?

We aim to fast forward emerging tech. Since our lives, businesses and planet have a world to gain from wisely implemented new technologies. We believe new tech needs new leaders. People that understand how IT works, but moreover understand what it takes to build things meaningful, from AI driven wind turbines to rockets and autonomous cars. As alumni of tech universities, we’ve experienced the gap between education and practice. That’s why we started Bit, a research and prototyping studio run by the 50 most talented tech alumni and students of Amsterdam, teaming up with A-list clients every day. Ready to accelerate your innovation.

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The culture we live by

These three principles guide our everyday work. If they resonate with you, don’t hesitate to join one of our beer and pizza meetups or apply for one of our positions.

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We learn, we lead

We run on a prototyping mindset. Learning is our leading principle. Imperfection is our fuel. Whether it is our projects or our people, our learning is never finished. For we believe that only those who focus on growth, will push status quo.

Team first

All we do is teamplay. Be it students or CTO’s, we are all in. Our differences bring new perspectives, our shared drive improves our work. We are collectively responsible, yet individually accountable to give our best and share with others. That’s how we all get better.

Pushing status quo

We love the frontier. Finding out what’s next, using cutting edge knowledge. Yet it is not about tech, but about using IT wisely to make things better, smarter, cleaner, easier. We’re always open for the daring looking to build new ideas that prove itself meaningful. Ready to fast forward.

Our services

12 Week Jumpstart

In 12 weeks we transform your challenge into a tangible prototype. We do research, define a problem statement and ideate how emerging tech like AI, IoT, robotics, sensoring, AR/VR or virtual assistants can help you move towards the future. By the end of 12 weeks, you will have a technically working prototype showcasing a strategic innovation option for your business. Ready to involve all stakeholders necessary to move forward.

Continuity Program

We believe innovation is like a muscle: the more you train, the better you perform. Our continuity program helps you keep your innovation on track by frequent jumpstarts and knowledge updates. Your team and ours stand shoulder to shoulder while researching, ideating and prototyping future tech in a continuous rhythm. Maintaining your innovation culture and making sure you keep building front running solutions.

Inspiration Day

In our one day program you will learn about the latest tech developments like artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain. The program is both inspirational and hands on. It will make you understand how tech changes your business and you will ideate possible solutions for current and future challenges. After this program you will be empowered to define relevant problem statements and better direct new tech innovation in your company.

Never stop learning

Are you looking to innovate with the best 50 tech talents of Amsterdam? This is what you will learn.

Understand the power of a prototype

Get the latest technologies for your challenge

Check the feasibility, viability and desirability of your product

Learn how new technologies can solve your problem

"They are not students, they are way better."

- Lars Böhm, Unless


We are very proud of our average customer satisfaction of 8,2/10.


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