Online event

How and why you should design a Concept Car

Thu, 29 September 2022

The world of gradual, predictable change is a thing of the past. We live in an era of epic change, a time when exponential technologies cause things to change at hair-raising speed. Everything is hyper-connected, and all these global challenges seem intertwined.Now, more than ever, every company should explore their future. You used to have these companies just making things, and they went on making these things until they made it no more. And that was a great business model. But in this new hyper-dynamic, hyper-changeable world,where everything is connected, and everything changes at incredible speeds, every company should look ahead and explore the future and the major challenges we are facing.**Concept car**But how do you do that? How do you envision your company in the world of tomorrow? What products, services and experiences can you develop to be at the forefront and build a competitive advantage?This workshop will explore how you can use a ‘concept car’ equivalent for your business.

- Why the concept car is so effective to speed up innovation, implementing emerging technologies

- How not only car companies but also digital companies like Airbnb make use of ‘concept car’ techniques.

- How you can decide what kind of conceptual outputs you should use and what steps you can take to build the concept car.