Online event

Prototyping to the rescue of abstract ideas

Thu, 15 September 2022

You hire an agency with smart, technical experts. You ask them to analyse your data and they do. They come back to you with twenty-two key metrics, each having their numbers and statistics. Meant to explain the exact status and quality of your database. There is only one problem. They may know what those metrics mean, but you don’t. They walk you through it in a presentation and you exit the meeting dazed by all the numbers that have zero meaning to you. They are in control.

Now what?

In this workshop we will discuss the importance of creating tangible prototypes of technical things, but also of processes, ideas, products or goals. We will show you that prototyping democratises the conversation, so that not only the experts tell you what to think of it, but you can form an opinion about it, give feedback, ask questions and show it around your company.


We will use Microsoft Teams and Miro (online whiteboard). Below, you can find a link to Miro, so make sure you get the grasp of how to create, move, and fill-in post-its prior to the workshop. That is all you need to know!