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You are a new leader, that understands you can outpace your competition with superior technology. You understand our plant, our companies and our people have a world to gain from wisely implementing new technologies. At Bit we fast-forward emerging tech. Therefor we elevate the creativity of brilliant young tech-savvy minds.

Tech creates frontrunners

By using the right technologies your company will become a frontrunner, we empower you with the latest tech available. Your people will become frontrunners by innovating and using technology to thrive in the digital era.

Get the latest tech insights

We constantly scout new tech at Universities, Corporate Labs & Accelerators and know how likely it will solve your problem.

Combine technologies & opportunitites

Together we find solutions: old fashioned or brand new to solve your challenge. Accelerate the future of your business challenges.


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AI, Data, Computer Science or Hardware, Specialists test Technical hypothesis. To validate if the technology works fits your challenge. In fast-paced cycles we find out if it’s worth persuing.

Act fast & build the future

We help you make a working prototype, but also give you the tools and knowhow to embed this in your organisation. Whether it’s by building a company or implement it in your business.

Some of our cases

Bit builds the future by prototyping hardware, software and AI for frontrunning companies.


AI model for efficient flying

Consumer goods

Prototyping a smart fridge

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