Author: Jeroen Coelen

The thing about emerging tech most people miss

Do you remember, about five years ago, when a new material called graphene would change the world of digital storage and batteries? Or can you recall how blockchain would throw over banks within a couple of years? Many media outlets and trendwatchers have the tendency to underestimate the time it takes for new technologies to find their place in society. Partly because there is market value in being the prophet of ‘hopeful’ news. For us at Bit, a key reason for this is the interaction between technology development and value creation. In this article, I will explain the two and how it can assist you in better understanding the maturity of technologies, using the steam engine as an example.

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What making Big Macs taught me about corporate innovation

This is my summary of working with close to a hundred corporates on innovation. Teams are not innovating even though they’re told to, this sums up the frustration expressed by many mid- or C-level managers that have been tasked with driving innovation. They point at innovative companies, the usual suspects, as an example that it’s possible. It leaves them wondering what’s hindering their teams to be more innovative. In this article, I will break down this problem according to my experience as a burger maker at McDonald’s.

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