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Making sense of remote sensing: 5 technologies in use today

Remote sensing is a technology used for viewing or collecting information through an instrument which is not directly in contact with the object it’s measuring. Basically, it means replacing eyes and allowing technology to see things remotely. Recent years more and more remote sensing technologies are being used for measuring heights, 3D modeling and terrain overviews which produce a lot of data. With each technology comes their own limits and benefits, as we’ve also discovered in our research. In this blog, we aim to introduce you to five of the most widely used remote sensing technologies and how they could be interesting for you!

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How our tech brainstorm cards can help you uncover tech-driven innovation opportunities

At Bit, we have a range of methods and tools to explore opportunities for tech-driven innovation with our teams and clients. One of them is our tech cards. We use these cards as prompts to think about the technologies as superpowers to solve your challenges and as conversation starters to explore (near-)future opportunities.

To support you in your innovation journey, we decided to make them available to all! You can brainstorm around emerging tech yourself and with your teams at any time – also when we’re not around.

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Lasers & 3D camera’s for faster package deliveries

When delivering hundreds of parcels a day, finding each box in your van a couple of seconds quicker has a significant impact on the delivery schedule. Bit teamed up with a multinational courier service to test the feasibility of using depth-sensing cameras in detecting the location of parcels during the delivery process.

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5 of our favorite fun and quick icebreakers to open (virtual) meetings

The start of a meeting can be a little uncomfortable. It feels rude to jump straight into the agenda without a bit of chatter, but you’re also trying to make the most of a limited time.

At in-person meetings, the first few minutes usually fill themselves up with enjoyable small talk. But the virtual equivalent and our new standard doesn’t cater to that as naturally.

So at Bit we asked: how might we open our virtual meetings in a fun way? Inviting everyone to arrive and connect socially without taking up too much time? Having experimented over the past weeks, we have gathered a handful of our favorite icebreakers for you to try out during your next virtual meeting! All of them take 5–10 minutes and work best for groups of 5–15.

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Skate where the puck is going

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