What we do

How we innovate – the Innovation Curve

We aim to fast forward tech innovation in your company. Our focus is research and prototyping, the first steps of the Innovation Curve. It transforms a tech challenge into a tangible product, enabling user testing and decision making for further innovation.

Begin with the end in mind

We start by discussing your ambitions: what do you want to learn? what are your plans after an innovation proves itself successful? Do you plan for a spin in or a spin out? We match our work to your end goal.

Combining feasibility, viability and desirability

Our projects always kick off by researching the possibilities of technology that meet your challenge. Within a few weeks we build a prototype to check the technical feasibility. Once the prototype is there, we focus on what is desirable from a human point of view and how the solution is economically viable for your company. A process that originated from IDEO in the early ‘00s. You can find examples of our prototyping work here.

Finding the right partners

After delivering the prototype and learnings, we make sure to connect you to the right partners to implement your tech innovation. No company can bring a new idea into implementation all by itself. We cooperate with companies like Braincreators, X and Y to help you pilot, scale and grow your innovation.

Our tech innovation services

We help your company innovate with tech in two ways; by our jumpstarts or our continuity program. We experiment with all emerging technologies of the Gartner hype cycle, like voice, machine learning or computer vision. Our jumpstart is tailored to find a solution for a single challenge. The continuity program is designed for companies wishing to make tech innovation a sound part of their research and development.

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