Discover dozens technological solutions before you pick one

As the first stage of the Bit Process comes to an end, our team promptly sets the target on the insights acquired during the Aspiration flow and proceeds with the further step. In essence, that's where the seeds of our operational magic get sown: having extracted an in-depth interpretation of the desired goal, our following mission revolves around coining an abstract idea into the tangible evaluation of how to make it happen in the most optimal terms. So, roll up the sleeves and brew another cup of coffee as we are just about to unfold the next phase of the Bit prototyping journey.


“Science is not a collection of facts; it is a process of discovery.”

Robert Zubrin

And, without an ounce of exaggeration, discovery takes guts and time, so, amid the rest of the Bit Process stages, the research phase tends to be one of the most extensive scopes for a reason. Once we are well-aware of our client’s expectations, the established vision constantly accompanies our team in determining which route of technologies would be the best to pursue. Yet, as a spectrum of the mapped possibilities draws upon a bewildering variety of the academic papers, footages of university-developed lab prototypes, and an exploration of unbeaten service application, it is vitally important to remain on the predetermined subject line. Quite a complicated mission to pursue, isn't it? Just right of our league.

To ensure we carry on with the right trajectory, our anchoring question revolves around the quest of “Which emerging technologies will offer a competitive edge?”. This way, our adroit research team can survey an array of scientific and technological breakthroughs that could potentially advance clients ahead of the curve. Besides, as we've already mentioned before, Bit aspires to integrity and customer engagement, so not only do we seek the latest innovations, but also focus on the comprehensibility of the identified tech. In other words, no bombarding with sophisticated terms - you will always remain in the perfect position to grasp the concept behind.


As you can imagine, the process of pinpointing seemingly applicable tech can get really frantic. In a way, it feels like suddenly finding yourself floating in a ceaseless ocean, completely unaware of which trajectory to take. During this phase, drifting from hardware to the affordances of Artificial Intelligence, yet somehow ending up concerned about Machine Learning is a common procedure. So are the stoic faces of Bit'ters that enter the sixth dimension and oftentimes abandon reality in the quest for a higher purpose. Trust the process, they say.

"Sometimes, you don’t know where to start or might feel like you don’t have enough information at the moment. The first step is just to start with what you have, learn from it, and then iterate. It feels like finding a lot of pieces of the puzzle, and they all might fit - some fit way better than the others, but you still see the potential in each one of them."

Paula Gonzalez
Research Consultant

Iterate and learn - this is the core principle. Although the interviews and brainstorming constitute a major part of the Aspire phase, they are never solely confined to it. Rather, adjustments and whims tend to sprout along the entire process, only amplifying the need for proper communication and frequent check-ins. Hence, our researchers make sure that the latter is being decently maintained - even after the technical end of the very first stage.

Maturity Wave

Now, it feels like we can finally see some delirious light at the end of our searching tunnel: dozens of technologies identified, hundreds dismissed, and long-abandoned in the deep margins of our minds. The further trick, however, lays in the wise allocation of those tools in a timely manner and your vision on the innovation’s potential adaptability, which is the primary reason why we created the Bit Maturity Wave.

"Maturity Wave is oftentimes used as a tool to frame the project we are working on. Some clients want to be reassured that the technology is already there to work with and start generating profit, so we focus mostly on technologies that fit under the category of Potential unlocked of First applications. Other clients might really want to be on top of the wave and dare to take more risks, then we know we need to focus around Lab prototypes technologies."

Paula Gonzalez
Research Consultant

For us, tech-based innovations are perceived as surfing waves in the sea. In the early stage of the wave, you handle the tide easily: by investing your innovation efforts in newcomer technologies, you have a sufficient amount of time to experiment and learn. On the other hand, if you wait for the wave to hit the shore - marking the moment technologies have been proven and are getting adopted on the large scale - you inevitably lose the opportunity of competitive advantage at a cost of lower risk exposure. So, whether you end up picking the milestones of the Mainstream adoption or the cryptic creations of Sci-Fi, it’s all about providing you with a clear overview and feasible expectations.

Technology Cards

Along with mapping technologies in a time-wise manner, our team also aims to provide a clear explanation for each of the machinery identified. This, in return, is done through the generation of technology cards - brief Layman’s descriptions of the innovations, which also touch upon the current market value, capital signals, and the existing players. As such, the key objective is to refrain our client from the abundance of field- specific jargon and technicalities which, although tends to add farfetched credibility, is oftentimes utilized as a splurge that would alienate them from an actual process.

The value of technology cards lies in showing the core impact technology can make on our clients. When you are in one of our discover meetings, we will throw a bunch of technologies at you, to see which ones "stick". Tech cards are great for this purpose because they show their value in just a few words and a lot of visuals. When you put a bunch of tech cards together, they form a menu that you can pick and choose from, looking for the technologies that suit your needs the most. Later on, we dive deeper into the technologies from the cards and link them specifically to your business.

Maartje Bakker
Research Consultant

Conceptual Role

As a rule, the second phase is wrapped up with an introduction of a conceptual prototype. Here, it is essential to stress that we normally refrain from any strictly-defined format and seek to align our creativity with the context of a project. Hence, a prototype can be demonstrated in the shape of a story, video sequence, image, application's demo version, or simulation - in other words, anything as long as it provides a synthesized view on the initial task.

How do we know we have reached the end of this phase?

Our research team ensures that, by the end of the Discover phase, a spectrum of potentially applicable technologies is identified and aligned with the client's aspirations. In other words, with the fusion of high-end innovations and our investigative mindset, the vision finally acquires a physical shape and a throughly defined strategy of how a desired objective can be achieved in the real life. And just like that, the Bit Process will furtherly drift you into the mecca of our technological magic - the Determine stage.