Our Cases

Innovation is in our blood. Here’s how we have already transformed industries.

Smart speech synthesis

Bit teamed up with a leading newspaper in the Netherlands to prototype a voice synthesis software that would unleash the innovation’s potential to the fullest in the context of Dutch media landscape.


Traffic Management System - TMS

With the development of the Traffic Management System (TMS) for one of the largest airports in Europe, our team increased the capacity of intersections by 33% and reduced vehicle delay by up to 50% during rush hours.


De Goudse

Bit collaborated with the Dutch insurance company De Goudse on a risk assessment application to implement technologies for something that actually matters.


Predictive power to save the energy

Our team designed and trained an AI tool that successfully anticipates the defect of a wind turbine, thus allowing the engineers to execute a prompt check-up.


AI model for efficient flying

To reduce CO2 emissions, Bit developed an airplane weight prediction AI model that reduced weight deviation by 88%, leading to the minimization of emissions and six-figure business cost savings.


Optimisation of transport

Seeking to help our client with difficulties in supply planning, we solved the challenge through prototyping an advanced bundling system that resulted in extra savings of € 420.000 to € 720.000 per year.


Outclassing Google Maps

As a response to the inconsistency of conventional GPS tools, we prototyped a sound indoor way-finding application with an accuracy of 1-meter that increased levels of customer satisfaction by 26%.


Use your pension: Financial predictive model and PSD-2

Our team collaborated with one of the leading pension funds in The Netherlands to develop a financial predictive model using PSD-2, which increased the participation rates of young adults by 32%.