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Stay ahead of the competition

As a business leader, you need to focus on the future. We will show how the newest technologies can shape your sector, leading to acceleration and innovation. 

Catch the wave of new technologies

Investing in the newest technologies can propel you to the forefront of innovation. We will identify the most valuable tech for your organization to uncover opportunities and outpace the competition.

We’re on the forefront of innovation

As a group of Amsterdam’s most talented tech alumni and talents, we’re constantly researching and prototyping the latest tech from the top universities, corporate labs and accelerators. We are on the cutting edge of innovation – and how it can push you forward.

Fast forward your business

Join eBay, ING, Unilever, and many other companies by experimenting with state of the art research. Learn how the latest technology can provide cutting edge solutions to your challenges and fast forward your business to the future.


Of 2,500 businesses surveyed, just 2% are able to successfully drive innovation and consistently outperform their rivals. Become the next ‘2%’ company through the constant implementation and renewal of innovative technologies.


Tech company, Alibaba, has used the latest AI to detect Coronavirus in CT scans. By rejecting the traditional methods and adopting a new algorithm, the method was reduced from 15 minutes to just 20 seconds – with 96% accuracy.


GPT3 is the autoregressive language model with 175 billion parameters – 10 times more than any other. Thanks to the state of the art technology adopted, the GPT3 is stronger and more accurate than any other language model developed. 

Our roadmap to success

We are here to ensure a product that is viable, feasible and desirable. Through our three stage method, we will transform and accelerate the future of your business.

Getting started is easy

Once we’ve worked on your prototype, we will equip you with the tools and knowledge on how best to implement it into your business – so you can continue accelerating without us.

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