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We are a research and prototyping studio run by 50 young tech talents. We build the future by prototyping hardware, software and AI.

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12 Week Jumpstart

In 12 weeks we transform your challenge into a tangible prototype using tech like AI, IoT and robotics. By the end of the jumpstart, you will have a technically working prototype showcasing a strategic innovation option for your business. Ready to involve all stakeholders necessary to move forward.

Continuity Program

Innovation is like a muscle: the more you train, the better you perform. In our continuity program your team and ours stand shoulder to shoulder while researching, ideating and prototyping in a set rhythm. It keeps your innovation on track by frequent jumpstarts and knowledge updates. Making sure you keep building front running solutions.

Inspiration Day

In our one day program you will learn how new tech like AI, robotics or virtual assistants can change your business. You will ideate possible solutions for current and future challenges with talents of the Bit team. After this program you will be empowered to define relevant problem statements and better direct new tech innovation in your company.

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