Optimisation of transport

Seeking to help our client with difficulties in supply planning, we solved the challenge through prototyping an advanced bundling system that resulted in extra savings of € 420.000 to € 720.000 per year.


Understanding the challenge

As a result of the increasing complexity of global supply chains, expenditures for inbound and outbound shipments of the majority of businesses currently account for over 50% of the overall logistics costs. In the future, however, the transportation costs are only destined to the continuous rise due to the growth in supply volume and the potential emergence of new locations and markets. On a mission to handle such a demanding tendency, Bit teamed up with a leading auto retail group in the Netherlands to prototype a transport optimization system and automate the tasks that prevailingly lead to capital losses and unjustified time consumption.


Making a long lasting Impact

Currently, each transport item is requested per dealer, meaning that our client orders the cars upon the inquiry without conducting any sort of preliminary planning. In the case of simple bundling, referring to the transportation of the vehicle that shares the same date, origin, and location in common, it is possible to bundle, on average, 2 cars per truck. In regard to this, our prototype "Air not Moved, Mile not Driven" stands for optimizing car bundling with the intent of making car transportation more efficient and cost-effective. The latter will be achieved via a discount from renting a trailer for an entire day instead of a spot in a trailer, and reduction of total miles driven with its consequent savings. By allowing intermediate pick-up and delivery stops, more cars can be bundled while using fewer trucks and fewer trips.


Bold Statements

With the use of an advanced bundling system developed by Bit, our client will be capable of providing both third parties and their 'own wheels' with exhaustive truckload schedules. Thus, besides straightforward planning and optimization of transport, the entity benefits from the decrease in transportation expenditures along with acquiring solid ground to deal with more complex transport scenarios in the future.

87% increase

in the cars bundled

€420K to €720K

extra savings per year


more complex and dynamic transportations in the future

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