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At Bit, we leverage technology, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking to help you outpace the competition and future-proof your business

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Back in 2016, when Bit had just claimed its spot in the startup arena, we were still vastly unaware of many things coming our way, except for one - we wanted to change the world for the better via fast-forwarding tech innovations. Six years, six offices, over 180 new people, and perhaps hundreds of mistakes later, we firmly stand on the ground and help others to do so, yet the initial mission has only grown stronger.


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To build your organisation’s agility and drive growth, our innovation consultancy service begins by outlining the current situation, identifying and solidifying your long-term vision for the company, and pinpointing existing strategies that foster transformation and innovation.

By digging deep, we analyse your current “business-as-usual” practices to discover new revenue opportunities, streamline your brand presentation and redefine your place in the market. Our goal is to identify the catalyst for your success and fast-forward your business transformation. 

Through a combination of AI-powered models, next-gen technology and human-driven innovation, we elaborate on our findings to reveal untapped opportunities and develop disruptive strategies that bring your business performance to the next level.

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Our lives, businesses, and planet have a world to gain from wisely implemented emerging technologies. Hence, we believe that the new tech landscape requires new leaders - people that don't merely understand how IT works but also grasp what it takes to build things meaningfully, from AI-driven wind turbines to rockets and autonomous cars.

Our Cases

Innovation is in our blood. Here’s how we have already transformed industries.

Smart speech synthesis

Bit teamed up with a leading newspaper in the Netherlands to prototype a voice synthesis software that would unleash the innovation’s potential to the fullest in the context of Dutch media landscape.
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Traffic Management System - TMS

With the development of the Traffic Management System (TMS) for one of the largest airports in Europe, our team increased the capacity of intersections by 33% and reduced vehicle delay by up to 50% during rush hours.
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De Goudse

Bit collaborated with the Dutch insurance company De Goudse on a risk assessment application to implement technologies for something that actually matters.
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Our Cases

We solved lot of complex cases, few are included here.

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