Predictive maintenance for wind-turbines

For a wind turbine manufacturer we were able to predict failures a couple of weeks before a turbine actually showed a failure

Use machine learning to predict the correct arrival time

We use machine learning algorithms to predict the arrival time of train and whether or not this will impact the schedule of other trains.

Use time-of-flight sensors to see what is inside a fridge

We use a custom made rig to constantly scan a fridge from the inside. We make a 3D map, including colors, to show what is inside a fridge and to actually predict if a fridge needs refilling.

Computer vision to pin-point parcels for delivery

We completely rebuild a delivery truck with smarts and technology. We used depth sensing cameras and to make a 3d map of all parcels for delivery.

Using Deep Learning to create our own voice

We used Machine Learning to build a tool that creates a voice based on several characteristics. The tool was trained on existing voices, but was also able to create new unique voices. We could make this voice ‘say’ anything we want.

Use wifi-routers as a camera

We trained wifi-routers to see human ‘skeletons’ instead of camera’s. This cutting edge technology can show people walking around in a building, without actually recording them on camera.


We build the future by prototyping hardware, software and AI.